Marcela Alonso’s "Get Schooled" Podcast Debuts a Must-Listen Episode with Special Guest Alexandra Hunt

The much-anticipated new episode of "Get Schooled," hosted by the insightful Marcela Alonso, has now been released, which features an interesting conversation with Alexandra Hunt.

Recognized for her commendable contributions as a public health researcher, soccer coach, and an ardent supporter of numerous justice-driven causes, Alexandra provides the audience with a fresh look into the essence of community advocacy and the transformative power of grassroots initiatives.

In her 2022 run for Congress, Alexandra boldly took on a well-established local political figure fueled by a mission to uplift and amplify every voice within the community. While her 2023 pursuit for the position of City Controller has come to a close, her fervor to craft a Philadelphia where inclusivity is paramount remains undiminished.

The episode offers a deep dive into Alexandra's current endeavors addressing pivotal local challenges. Audiences will uncover her determined efforts to combat the root causes of violent crime, advocate for justice reform, bridge the healthcare gaps intensified by the shutdown of Hahnemann University Hospital, and champion authentic equity in public schooling.

Throughout the conversation, Alexandra's staunch belief that forward-thinking solutions to these pressing matters are within grasp shines brightly. She candidly discusses her aspirations for a better Philadelphia and accentuates the role of united action in catalyzing significant societal change.

Reflecting on the episode, Marcela Alonso commented, "Engaging with Alexandra was truly enlightening. Her unwavering commitment to Philadelphia's welfare is evident, making her insights an invaluable resource for all keen on the nexus of public service, advocacy, and grassroots mobilization."

For an episode packed with inspiration and profound insights, tune into the Alexandra Hunt episode of the "Get Schooled" podcast, available for streaming on all leading podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.


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Alexandra Hunt is a dynamic public health researcher, girls’ soccer coach, and ardent advocate for justice in various forms. In 2022, she boldly entered the political realm, contesting for Congress and later City Controller, with a vision of an inclusive Philadelphia. Though her campaigns concluded, her drive to address local challenges—from combating violent crime to promoting public school equity—remains steadfast. A believer in progressive solutions, Alexandra's activism continues to shape Philadelphia's future. Connect with her on Instagram @theAlexandraHunt and Twitter @hunt4change.

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