Zerella Skies Stops By The Bougie Show

Sweet, sexy, and exotic Zerella Skies is the latest guest on The Bougie Show with host Xay the DJ. He introduces her as the first talent he’s interviewed with two signature blowjobs and lets the audience know “it’s time to ride the dragon…the one and only Dragon Throat herself, Zerella Skies." Zerella Skies Stops By The Bougie Show Zerella Skies’ appearance on The Bougie Show runs almost an hour, and podcast viewers will learn a lot about the rising star. Looking cute in curls and twisted braids with a hoodie and rocking headphones, Zerella’s personality really comes through. She talks about recently shooting hardcore boy/girl scenes in Miami, her new body and bulking up on weights, and what’s changed the most about her in the year and a half she’s been in the industry. Xay asks her about her start in the industry at 18, stripping while still in high school. Zerella educates Xay on the difference between her two signature BJs: the Z Slurp and Dragon Throat, and how performing with braces shouldn’t change your head game. The two delve into what male talents do to turn her off on set and/or get on her no-list (hint lack of communication, not a lot of foreplay and/or using lube, and not being interested in her). Zerella admits to not enjoying working with women who aren’t into women and her preference for dating women and just hooking up with men off-camera.
“Xay had a lot of good questions, and this is one of the most in-depth interviews I’ve done to date. So whether you’re a longtime fan or new to my world, you’ll definitely learn a lot about me,” says Zerella Skies.
Watch Zerella on The Bougie Show’s YouTube Channel [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Op7Ww_UHUY[/embedyt] You can follow Zerella Skies on Twitter @Zerellaskies. You can follow The Bougie Show on Twitter @bougieshow.

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