XBIZ Unveils Diverse Categories for its 2024 Awards

XBIZ has rolled out the red carpet—digitally, at least—for the impending 2024 XBIZ Awards. Scheduled to take place at the iconic Hollywood Palladium on January 21st, the awards ceremony promises to be an opulent soirée celebrating the crème de la crème of adult entertainment. XBIZ Unveils Diverse Categories for its 2024 Awards For those who've etched their mark in various avenues of the adult industry—be it film production, digital media, pleasure products, or retail—this event stands as the pinnacle of professional recognition. The pre-nomination period has officially been flung open, embracing a range of comprehensive categories that reflect the industry’s ever-widening scope. Exclusively accessible to registered members of XBIZ.net, the newly revamped pre-nomination portal has been deployed, poised to collect submissions for what's billed as the industry's most prestigious evening. To have one’s work considered, eligibility dictates that movies and pleasure products must have seen their public debut between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Furthermore, entrants must submit links to digital content, marketing collateral, or website information via the portal’s entry forms. But this illustrious night does not stand alone. It serves as the grand finale in XBIZ’s expansive 2024 winter event series, including the Vibe Expo and X3 Expo—a testament to the multifaceted character of this ever-evolving industry. In an age where the boundaries of adult entertainment are continually redrawn, the XBIZ Awards aim to honor not just the titans of yesterday but today's revolutionaries. Mark the date, for as the winter chill descends upon Hollywood, the stars will align, not in the sky but inside the historic walls of the Hollywood Palladium, to recognize and celebrate the luminaries who light up the adult industry.
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