WeCamGirls Appear on Adult Site Broker Talk

Tristan and Rutger are both from the same region of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. In 2012, they established a community for cam models, both male and female, known as WeCamGirls. WeCamGirls Appear on Adult Site Broker Talk A friend of theirs and former web cam model, spoke about her online experiences when she was questioned about the most challenging aspects of being a performer. She didn't like that she couldn't speak to a lot of people about what she does for a job, and she was bored because she couldn't do this. WeCamGirls was established as a chat system and forum for performers, providing a place for them to talk about various cam sites and the newest technology. Since that time, it has developed into a genuine community.
"Tristan and Rutger are longtime friends from the shows,” said Bruce, who hosts the program and is also the chief executive officer of Adult Site Broker. “What they've accomplished with WeCamGirls is an essential component of the camming. The interview was both entertaining and educational.”
You can listen to Tristan and Rutger on Adult Site Broker Talk at adultsitebrokertalk.com.
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