Vote For Penthouse’s 2023 Pet of the Year

Penthouse is inviting the public to vote for their favorite Penthouse Pet to be awarded Pet of the Year 2023. From among the 12 Pet of the Month Penthouse Magazine models for 2022, Penthouse will award thePet of the Year title to the model with the highest number of votes as determined by the participating voters. During the voting period, website visitors may cast one vote every three days. Vote For Penthouse’s 2023 Pet of the Year
Penthouse Photo Editor and Director of Pet Projects, Sam Phillips posed the question, “How can you pick just one? That's the question with the 2023 Penthouse Pet of the Year title as the payoff. If you're like me, it's hard to play favorites with this selection of 12 sensational Penthouse Pets. That's why we designed it where you can vote once every three days until the end of the Playoffs, because we want you to be able to support all your preferred Pets. We have a Penthouse Pet to represent every month and satisfy every palate. Whether you're into the girl-next-door type or the exotic bombshell, we satiate the reader with a diverse selection of today's top models and influencers.” “Each and every Pet of the Month has a star quality that makes them unique and an excellent candidate,” said Penthouse CEO Moose. “We are beyond honored to have had so many wonderful models, influencers, and talented performers join our family of Pets in 2022.” “You may have recently seen our Penthouse Pets posting cool and clever content to promote their participation in the 2023Penthouse Pet of the Year Playoffs,” added Phillips. “Please help support them by sharing their stories and engaging with their posts. We are one big family, and we value your opinions and participation in the process of selecting our magazine's highest honor and title.”
Vote For Penthouse’s 2023 Pet of the Year
“I am super excited as we announce our ‘Pet of the Year’ competition,” said Penthouse Creative Director and Broadcast VP Drew Rosenfeld. “As voting has already begun, we have an amazing group of talented and, of course, beautiful women who are all worthy of being crowned ‘Penthouse Pet Of The Year.’ I look forward to seeing all the fantastic videos and images being released in support of this annual competition."
Earlier this year, December 2021’s Pet of the Month Amber Marie was named 2022 Pet of the Year during the first ever live streaming “Feature Show” for Penthouse Cams.
“It was an incredible moment,” recalled Moose. “We wanted to give the fans, and Amber Marie something very special to remember.” Upon the announcement, the brunette beauty was gifted a customPenthouse Key necklace adorned in diamonds. “The design is a nod to the era of Bob Guccione,” Moose remarked. “Our amazing jeweler here in Los Angeles, Roma, crafted the piece in the image and size of the iconic original. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final design as a fitting tribute.”
Previous Penthouse Pets of the Year include Kenzie Anne (2021) and Lacy Lennon (2020).
“All of our models are deserving and have represented the Penthouse brand so well. The fans certainly have their work cut out for themselves this year,” added Moose. “Our heartfelt congratulations go out to all of our Penthouse Pets. And we cannot wait to see who will prevail as 2023’s Pet of the Year!”
Voting for Penthouse’s 2023 Pet of the Year is now open to all website visitors over the age of 18. Make sure to follow Penthouse on Twitter @Penthouse.

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