Vanna Bardot’s Seductive Side In Part 2 “Vanna’s Easy A”

Get ready for the next hot chapter as TeamSkeet releases “Vanna’s Easy A” Part 2. This chapter continues the playful theme of the 2010 film "Easy A," and is now available for all members to watch! Vanna Bardot's Seductive Side In Part 2 “Vanna’s Easy A” In this new Family Strokes scene, “Vanna's Easy A Part 2: Nothing Will Bug Me,” Vanna Bardot is still facing rumors around the school about her sleeping with her best friend (Codey Steele). Instead of getting down about it, Vanna takes control by embracing a sexy new look that's sure to turn heads. However, Vanna's bold move doesn't sit well with her mom Alexis Abbey, and stepdad Ryan Mclane. During a family discussion about Vanna’s new look, Ryan spills about something similar that happened to Alexis back in the day. Angry about her husband exposing her past, Alexis storms off, leaving Ryan and Vanna alone. Ryan knows the best way to help Vanna is by giving her a hands-on lesson on sex! Without getting caught by his wife, of course… Will this help out Vanna to confront her school bullies? More to come in the final episode on!

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