Twitter Verification Changes

In order to fight off “AI bot swarms,” Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that from April 15th, only tweets from verified users will show up in the platform's "For you" feed. Users will need to subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs around $11 a month, to be verified by April 1st, when free legacy blue checks end. Musk added that only verified users would be able to vote in polls.   The "For you" tab shows recommended tweets based on Twitter's algorithm, instead of only from those you follow. Again, anyone with the legacy "verification" will lose that on April 1st. After April 1st, you must pay the $8 to $11 fee to qualify for the blue checkmark. Once you signup for the paid service, please note that it will take up to a month to get "verified," which means you get the blue checkmark next to your name. Speaking of Twitter, be sure and follow us on Twitter at @fleshbot.  

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