Trans Star Lucy Hart Shines in Two New Podcasts

Trans star Lucy Hart enjoyed guest starring on two podcasts, The Lisa Ann Experience and How to Drugs Podcast hosted by Alia Janine, where she spoke frankly about her personal life, drug past and how she got sober, and her transition. Trans Star Lucy Hart Shines in Two New Podcasts Lucy Hart is a MILFy trans woman with over 15 years of full-time adult film and BDSM / Fetish experience.  She is polyamorous and identifies as lesbian, but does enjoy work and play with all genders.  She has won over a dozen adult film awards as a performer and director.  After spending over a decade building a highly profitable independent porn network (Pervout) she recently sold her company and moved to Brooklyn to start a new chapter working in mainstream film.  She continues to work in porn as a performer and director for her new production (Nice Feelings) and occasionally works as a Pro Domme because it’s the funniest and most fulfilling work in the world to her.
“Lucy fearlessly shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, providing valuable insights into the complexities of transitioning and embracing one's true identity,” says Lisa Ann. “Lucy Hart comes on the pod and talks about her transition and the difference between shooting porn as a man and as a woman,” says Alia. “She also talks about her former user days as a man and her current sobriety. Also, acid trips, different dimensions, and why she was a horrible drug dealer.” “I loved being on both shows hosted by two huge porn icons,” says Lucy. “Opening myself up to these amazing women and their audience was exciting.”
You may enjoy the Lucy Hart episode of The Lisa Ann Experience on youtube. You may enjoy the Lucy Hart episode of How to Do Drugs on Apple Podcast.  

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