Trans Star Lucy Hart Launches Paysite Nice Feelings

In a pioneering move that further solidifies her status in the adult entertainment industry, renowned trans star Lucy Hart has unveiled her own premium paysite, ''. The venture is accompanied by the debut of her affiliate program, '', offering an enticing opportunity for collaborators and marketers. Lucy Hart, revered for her charisma and unparalleled performances, has consistently challenged the status quo, redefining standards in the industry. With the introduction of '', fans now have an exclusive portal to access her most tantalizing content, curated meticulously for a premium experience. Furthermore, the simultaneous rollout of '' signals Lucy's strategic expansion into the lucrative affiliate marketing arena. The program aims to provide partners with an array of tools and incentives, fostering symbiotic relationships that are mutually beneficial. Lucy's foray into the digital realm with these twin platforms exemplifies her commitment to innovation and deep connection with her audience. It's a testament to her drive to constantly evolve, offering fans unparalleled content while creating dynamic opportunities for industry partners. For enthusiasts and marketers alike, Lucy Hart's recent ventures promise a blend of quality, authenticity, and profitability. As she continues to break barriers and set new benchmarks, the industry waits with bated breath for what she unveils next.

“Nice Feelings is porn from my heart, while thinking with my dick!  I have wanted this for a very long time, directing and performing as my authentic self is an incredible privilege.  I didn’t want to wait for someone to give me an opportunity so I built it myself,” says Lucy. “I’m only booking talent that I would vouch for as good people, and I’m only booking talent that I think people want to jerk off to.  We’re legitimately playing together in ways that we probably would if there weren’t a camera.  My camera work is done by Beatrix Blanche, an exceptionally capable local NY Pro Domme.  I’m training her on set to make this kind of fetish porn, as every person on set is a sexy pervert, that's a guarantee.”

Trans Star Lucy Hart Launches Paysite Nice Feelings The performers on Nice Feelings are a great mix of talents that include:
  • Joanna Angel
  • Casey Calvert
  • Nova Flame
  • Phoenix Marie
  • Tigerlilly
  • Olive Glass
  • Heavy
  • Davin Strong
  • Bunny Colby
  • Penny Barber
  • Brynn Michaels
  • Baxxx
“I am booking Cis and Trans performers and I’m not making any kind of a big deal about genders or orientations.  I’m doing it that way on purpose as this is my way of normalizing gender queer things,” says Lucy. “Every shot is something I would jerk off to.  I’m not focused on “quality film.”  I never have been.  I’m focused on “quality porn” which is different.  My job is to create video files that lots of people really want to pay to watch while they masturbate. I’ve never had another job I felt was right for me like this one, this is what I am most passionate about and I hope the ‘Nice Feeling’ spreads all over the world.”
You may follow Lucy Hart on Twitter (X) at @mamahartx  

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