The Dungeon Store Supports Vibrating Tarot

The Dungeon Store is supporting the Vibrating Tarot project, a 90-card tarot deck highlighting pleasure products and kinky toys from over 100 manufacturers and creators. The Dungeon Store Supports Vibrating Tarot The Vibrating Tarot is the creation of Frank Lawrence, an artist, graphic designer, and owner of Pallor Publishing. He based the style on the tarot illustrations of Pamela Colman Smith, which entered the public domain recently, and reimagined cards of the deck to feature iconic pleasure products such as magic wand vibrators, bondage gear, floggers, chastity devices, and plugs. "The goal is to create a tarot deck that draws a meaningful connection between their products and corresponding card," Lawrence explained. "Significance behind the artwork is everything within the tarot, and this deck is no exception." The Dungeon Store, a curated collection of quality BDSM gear, contributed their violet wand and nerve wheel for the "The Tower" card and also included a silicone unicorn horn from their sister venture, Split Peaches, for the "The Lovers" alternate card.
"It is an absolute joy to have The Dungeon Store as a part of this project," said Anne Bryne, Founder, and Co-Owner of The Dungeon Store. "We certainly identify with the spiritual nature of this endeavor, and it is an honor to have a violet wand from The Dungeon Store featured on one of Lawrence's tarot cards."
Lawrence recently offered a peek into the amazing work that went into the project and talked in depth about his efforts on the Sex Talk Tuesday chat program. A crowdfunding campaign is planned for May of 2024, with production expected soon after.
"Vibrating Tarot celebrates the diversity of independent artists and pleasure centric businesses of all sizes," added Lawrence. "I extend immense gratitude to those who have supported this project."
The project also includes a coloring book and fundraisers for organizations such as SWAP Hamilton. To support the project, go to You can follow The Dungeon Store on Twitter at @thedungeonstore.    

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