Terry Stephens to Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

In the middle of the 1990s, when the industry of selling porn on VHS was highly illegal, maverick producer Terry Stephens, aka Naked Truth Guy, began his career by selling porn on VHS. After a chance encounter with a customer, the customer provided him with the opportunity to make his first amateur film. Terry Stephens to Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk It wasn't until a couple of years later that he received prominence as an amateur producer on the popular Viewers Wives series from Your Choice in Holland. At the same time, he was still making the rounds selling movies by mail order and door-to-door, which is what got him raided. The ensuing legal battle lasted for two years. In the meantime, Terry was gaining fame with his new One-Eyed Jack gonzo movie series, which landed him a 7-feature distribution deal to produce new pictures for Extreme Associates in the United States. However, the firm had troubles of its own and decided to stop producing only 5 films. Terry and his business partner established Wrist Action Entertainment as a DVD distribution company with the intention of supplying sex stores located around the United Kingdom. The challenges that arose because of a previously illegal industry becoming legal necessitated a coordinated effort to establish standards, which is how "Producers for A Pint" came into existence. The United Kingdom Adult Production Association, or UKAP as it became known later, was a collection of producers who engineered the much-needed changes that were required in a largely unregulated business. UKAP later found itself defending the right to produce adult content for sale in the UK and its numerous challenges from the R18 Online, ATVOD and Age Verification. Meanwhile, Terry was gaining momentum with his award-winning series Real Couples (which was featured on Playboys Sexcetera) and juggling with productions and daily politics. After serving for many years as a secretary to numerous administrations over a span of ten years, Terry eventually became the default chairman for the full five-year term and was in charge of the UKAP Awards from 2014 to 2018. Since the pandemic, Terry has been residing in Bulgaria, where he maintains the business he founded and promotes his website.
Terry made his second appearance on Adult Site Broker Talk, which is hosted by Bruce, also the CEO of Adult Site Broker. Bruce said, “Terry is not only very knowledgeable about all facets of the industry and has a fantastic historical perspective on the company, but his English humor makes every talk a fun one.”
You can listen to Terry Stephens on Adult Site Broker Talk at adultsitebrokertalk.com You can follow Terry on Twitter @NakedTruthGuy. You can follow Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker Talk on Twitter at @ASB_Bruce.

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