TeamSkeet’s Turning Heads with New Scenes

TeamSkeet proudly presents a week of 7 sizzling hot new scenes that will arouse the senses. Starring beautiful girls such as Kay Lovely, Theodora Day, Liz Jordan, and many more top female performers! [caption id="attachment_8965648" align="aligncenter" width="1620"]TeamSkeet's Turning Heads with New Scenes Photo courtesy of Dad Crush's “Best of Both Worlds”[/caption] Kay Lovely sneaks her friend River Lynn into her house in a new Dad Crush scene, “Best of Both Worlds.” After Kay’s stepdad (Calvin Hardy) catches the girls making out in Kay’s bedroom, Calvin decides to invite River over for dinner to get to know her and find out what’s going on with his stepdaughter. During the dinner, Kay admits to Calvin that River is actually her girlfriend but is unsure if she likes girls, boys, or both. Calvin offers to help Kay figure out what she likes with a threesome! Gamers will rejoice watching Aubree Valentine as an interactive video game character in an all-new Teen Curves scene, “Have Fun, Player One.” Calvin Hardy is enjoying getting to do what he wants with Aubree, from dressing her up in sexy outfits to getting her in his favorite sexual positions. Our Little Secret features Conor Coxxx’s older brother (Patrick Delphia) bringing home his new girlfriend, Theodora Day in a new episode titled “Flexible Girlfriend.”  There’s something a bit different about Theodora, however. Anytime Patrick orders her to give Conor a sexual favor, she’s eager to do so. Eventually, Theodora admits to Conor that she secretly wants to have sex with him while Patrick is away. In a new Exxxtra Small episode, “Bullying runs in the Blood,” Amber Summer is getting picked up for her first day of school by her bully’s dad (Clarke Kent), but she feels that he will torment her the same way her bully did and decides to hide from him. When Clarke finally catches her, he begins to tease her until Amber’s friend Clara Trinity comes to the rescue. Clara calls Clarke out and tells him that he’s just as big of a bully as his son. Amber then comes up with a perfect way to get back at her bully– by sleeping with his dad! Melanie Marie is home alone with her stepbrother (Joshua Lewis) in a new Sis Loves Me episode, “I Need Your Silence.” Since their parents are out of town, Melanie really wants to throw a party for Labor Day. But Joshua was left in charge and threatened to tell their parents about the party if Melanie didn’t give him what he wanted. It starts off with a handjob, but anytime Melanie brings the party up, Joshua reminds her of what she has to do to keep him quiet and happy, leading to them going all the way! “Vanna’s Easy A Part 1: Rumors Run Wild” will be out this weekend for all members to enjoy! In this Innocent High scene, Vanna Bardot wants to help out her best friend (Codey Steele) after he reveals that he’s still a virgin and has terrible luck with girls. His friends Daniel Shar and Nick Strokes are constantly bullying him over this and it’s bringing Codey’s confidence down. Vanna hates to see Codey in a bad position so she decides to sleep with him. However, this decision will forever change her social status… Ready to rock and roll? Liz Jordan and Mira Monroe want to live the wild rock lifestyle that their stepdads (Jack Vegas and Mike Mancini) used to live as former rock stars in an all-new Daughter Swap scene, “The Rockstar Experience.” Liz and Mira are planning on following a rock band that they really like. Their stepdads aren’t huge fans of their stepdaughters acting like groupies and threatening to ground them if they leave. Liz and Mira are just trying to live out their fantasy of sleeping with a rock star, Jack and Mike offer to make that happen for them. After all, they are still rock stars in the bedroom! You can visit and follow them on Twitter @teamskeet.

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