TeamSkeet Unveils Part 2 of Movie “Summertime Blossom”

TeamSkeet is excited to announce the release of "Summertime Blossom Part 2: How to Please My Crush," the highly anticipated continuation of the captivating "Summertime Blossom" series that stars July AllStar Blake Blossom. TeamSkeet Unveils Part 2 of Movie “Summertime Blossom” In this new Bad Milfs update, Blake’s scandalous afterparty with her best friends gave her a confidence boost to confront her crush, Max Fills, at his house. However, when she knocks on the door, she meets his mom, Shay Sights, instead. Shay takes it upon herself to let Blake know that Matt already has a perfect girlfriend, Em Indica– Blake’s rival. But Shay explains that if she wants Matt to like her, then she has to learn how to please him first. What unfolds next is a surprising turn of events as Shay takes a hands-on approach to teach Blake the art of intimacy. Mike Mancini, Matt's dad, unexpectedly enters the scene, completely naked, and joins the girls in a hot threesome. However, the steamy moment is disrupted when Em walks in on them and takes blackmail-worthy pictures of Blake. What will happen to Blake now? Sign up for today and stay tuned for the raunchy conclusion of “Summertime Blossom."

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