TeamSkeet Unveils An Enticing Lineup of Rising Stars

TeamSkeet presents five new scenes this week featuring the enticing beauties of Beverly Snow, Skyler Storm, Mochi Mona, and many more fresh-faced female performers ready to showcase all their assets. TeamSkeet Unveils An Enticing Lineup of Rising Stars Beverly Snow turns to her classmate (Conor Coxxx) to help with homework in an all-new Our Little Secret episode, “Dirty Homework.” Beverly has been flunking all her classes and desperately needs Conor’s help by having him be the one to do her homework. To convince him to agree, Beverly offers Conor the chance to play with her bodacious breasts. Conor can’t resist the lustful deal and agrees to do Beverly’s homework for her as long as he can do what he wants with her body in return! Bad Milfs introduces Skyler Storm, who is on a mission to get her stepdad (Jack Vegas) to pay more attention to her than her new stepmom (Jordan Maxx) in a new scene titled “Include Me.” Skyler can’t stand her new stepmom, and she’s jealous of Jordan because she’s getting all her stepdad’s attention. Skyler constantly hears them have sex around the house and gets turned on. One night, Skyler gets sick of having to sit on the sidelines and takes matters into her own hands. She sneaks into her step-parents' room and starts seducing Jack until Jordan wakes up and catches them. But, instead of getting upset, Jordan is happy to include Skyler in the bedroom. Mochi Mona and Hadiya Honey look forward to starting college in a new Family Strokes episode, “Perfect Sorority Girls.” The girls are very excited about finally starting college and are eagerly discussing some of the things they want to accomplish while there. The two agree they would love to join a sorority and become the best sorority girls out there. They turn to Mochi’s older stepbrother (Juan Loco) to advise them on how to be the perfect sorority girls and be on the sorority’s good side. Juan honestly tells them that sorority girls know how to follow any requests thrown at them, including sexual ones. He convinces the girls to start giving him a blowjob as a way to start practicing! Shes New presents Rose Rush as TeamSkeet’s latest rookie to join the industry in her porn debut scene, “Every Rose Has Its Turn Ons.” Viewers get to know Rose during a sit-down interview before being joined by Jay Romero to begin her super sexy initiation into fully becoming a porn star! Angel Windell loves her older stepbrother (Jay Rock) and can’t resist showing his appreciation in a new Sis Loves Me episode titled “You’re My Angel.” Jay is the best big brother to Angel. He’s always ensuring they’re taken care of and on the right track. To show how much she’s grateful for him, Angel loves to climb into bed with him and ease his stresses with some nice messages– using her hands and lips! Make sure to visit and follow on Twitter @teamskeet.

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