TeamSkeet Turns Up The Heat With “Summertime Blossom”

TeamSkeet is thrilled to present "Summertime Blossom," a scorching hot crossover feature film that captures the lusts of summer like never before. The movie will star July TeamSkeet AllStar, Blake Blossom, as the main protagonist. It will also follow the successful format of previous TeamSkeet Features, taking viewers on a thrilling journey as it brings together three of our most beloved series (BFFS, Bad Milfs, and Teen Pies)  in a sensual crossover extravaganza! TeamSkeet Turns Up The Heat With “Summertime Blossom” BFFS premieres “Summertime Blossom Part 1: A New Blake,”  Blake is an education-driven high school graduate who is about to embark on her college journey. However, the end-of-year graduation party changes everything when Blake experiences an intimate moment with her long-time crush, Max Fills, only to face public shaming soon after by her rival, Em Indica. Blake quickly seeks comfort from her closest friends, Aften Opal, Kitty Valance, and Elias Cash. The group then engages in a spirited game of spin-the-bottle, which leads things towards a steamier route. The girls come to an agreement that they want to help Elias lose his virginity finally, and who better to help him than his three super hot best friends? After a confidence-boosting foursome, Blake gathers the courage to pursue Max in a similar way. Part 2 of “Summertime Blossom” will be released July 19. Join today and save 80% off your subscription!
  • You can follow Blake Blossom on Twitter @blkblssm.
  • You can follow Max Fills on Twitter @maxfillsurmom.
  • You can follow Em Indica on Twitter @em_indica.
  • You can follow Aften Opal on Twitter @aften_opal.
  • You can follow Kitty Valance on Twitter @kittyvalance.
  • You can follow Elias Cash on Twitter @Xxmrcash.
  • You can follow TeamSkeet on Twitter @teamskeet.

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