TeamSkeet Showcase Fresh New Scenes

TeamSkeet is releasing  6 new scenes this week. Featuring a lineup of gorgeous upcoming stars and well known gems in the industry such as Myra Moans, Jill Taylor, Vanna Bardot, and many others. [caption id="attachment_8963457" align="aligncenter" width="1620"]TeamSkeet Showcase Fresh New Scenes Photo credit Exxxtra Small's "Dirty Painting"[/caption] It’s that time of the month again! TeamSkeet announces Vanna Bardot as TeamSkeet AllStar for August. In her AllStar scene, “Back to School with Vivacious Vanna,” Vanna is dressed in her school uniform. She answers personal questions about herself and how she rose to the top in the porn industry. Chad Alva, her tutor, arrives later on to give Vanna a lesson on sex! Layla Jenner makes her TeamSkeet debut in a new Dad Crush episode, “A Taste for Older Men.” Layla gets caught by her stepdad (Mike Coxlong) after she sneaks in a guy (Mike Mancini) into her room. Mike was ready to ground Layla until she confessed to him that what she really needs is an older man to satisfy her lust– an older man like her own stepdad! In a new Oye Loca scene, “How Ever I Can Help,” Sara Latina calls her friend (PrimiciaPH) to help her take lewd pictures of herself so she can make some extra cash to make rent. The truth is, Sara wants Primicia to come over so she can have him all to herself. He won’t be able to resist her when he sees her naked petite body. Laya Rae shows off her painting skills in a brand new Exxxtra Small episode, “Dirty Painting.” Laya is preparing to apply to a prestigious art school, but she feels like she needs to improve her skills with the help of an art tutor (GI Joey). Since Joey is famous for his unconventional art techniques, Laya wants to try something different for her piece today. She strips off her clothes and starts splashing the paint onto different parts of her body. Will Joey reward Laya’s efforts? [caption id="attachment_8963458" align="aligncenter" width="1620"]TeamSkeet Showcase Fresh New Scenes Photo credit My Babysitter's Club's “Babysitters Never Quit!”[/caption] “Wild Daydreaming” is taking place in a new Innocent High episode featuring Myra Moans. Myra’s been lost in her daydreams lately, which causes her to get in trouble during class. She ends up in detention, where she’s alone with Mr. Kyle Mason, her hunky teacher she’s always fantasizing about. Myra ends up daydreaming again, this time she daydreams about hooking up with Mr. Mason. The fantasy is so vivid and intense that it feels real! My Babysitters Club features Jill Taylor trying to quit her job in “Babysitters Never Quit!” Jill really wants to go to a party, but she’s stuck babysitting. She tries to quit on the spot but her client, Chad Alva, scolds her for trying to be a quitter. Jill feels bad and tries to apologize to Chad, asking if there’s any way she can show she really wants to stay. That’s when Chad gets Jill on her knees, she’ll have to prove just how badly she wants to keep her job now! You can visit and follow on Twitter @teamskeet for their newest scenes.

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