TeamSkeet Presents 1st Part of “Spring Breakers”

TeamSkeet Presents 1st Part of “Spring Breakers” TeamSkeet has released the first part of their latest feature film “Spring Breakers'', adding on to their Skinematic universe along with past features such as “The Arrangement” and “A Lovely Time of Year”. “Spring Breakers” will also follow the same strategy of being broken down into three parts across three of the network’s most popular series (Sis Loves Me, BFFS, and FreeUse Fantasy) before the full extended cut is released. TeamSkeet’s April AllStar, Octavia Red, takes the lead role in “Spring Breakers”, a parody of the original 2013 movie in celebration of its 10th anniversary. It will also co-star Rory Knox and Jasmine Wilde. Part 1 of the feature in Sis Loves Me, “Spring Breakers Part 1: Sweet Escape”, Octavia is getting ready to enjoy her spring break with her two best friends, Rory and Jasmine. The three girls have planned out a beach vacation together for spring break and Octavia has a feeling it’s going to be the best spring break ever. But, Octavia gets a call from Rory explaining that she’s not sure if she’ll be able to go anymore because her stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, has her on lockdown. So the two hatch a plan to sneak Rory out of her house. Octavia Red spends the night at Rory’s house and the two spend their time trying to seduce Nathan into letting Rory go out. After some attempts at getting him hard with some girl-on-girl action, the girls take it a step further in Rory’s living room with a super steamy threesome. Even after cumming, Nathan is still against Rory leaving the house since their parents put him in charge of keeping an eye on her. But Octavia and Rory find the perfect time to just walk out and begin their spring break adventure! Watch Part 1 of Spring Breakers only on and stay tuned for Part 2 releasing April 19th on BFFS.

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