TeamSkeet Premieres Part Two of “Spring Breakers”

With Part 1 being met with positive feedback, garnering a 95% like rate with subscribers, the second part of TeamSkeet's newest feature "Spring Breakers Part 2: Girl Heist" is out now in the series BFFS and promises another super sexy experience. TeamSkeet Premieres Part Two of “Spring Breakers” Now that Octavia Red and Rory Knox have sneaked off from Rory’s stepbrother, the two girls meet up with their other bestie and her delinquent boyfriend, Jasmine Wilde and Lucky Fate. With their sights set on the hot Florida beaches for an unforgettable spring break, the group must first find a way to fund their partying. So the group hatch a daring heist that will allow them to live it up in style. Against all odds, they pull off the heist and make it back to Lucky's place unscathed. To show their gratitude, the girls treat Lucky to a night he'll never forget– with a very steamy foursome between all of them. It becomes a night they won’t ever forget! You can catch Part 1 of “Spring Breakers” in Sis Loves Me only on and stay tuned for Part 3, premiering April 29 in FreeUse Fantasy.

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