TeamSkeet Premieres Final Part of “Cadet Khloe”

Get ready for an explosive climax as TeamSkeet presents the highly anticipated final chapter of their movie series, “Cadet Khloe”. Starring the remarkable Khloe Kapri, TeamSkeet's esteemed AllStar of the month. TeamSkeet Premieres Final Part of “Cadet Khloe” In Family Strokes’ new scene, “Cadet Khloe Part 3: Memorial Day Her Way”, the story picks up where it left off, with Khloe continuing her mischievous nature despite her time spent at TeamSkeet Reform School for Rebellious Teens. On Memorial Day, Khloe spends the day with her stepdad, Sergeant Miles, her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, and their party guests. However, Khloe needs Miles to sign some paperwork but she hasn’t broken the news to him about that yet. When Parker discovers Khloe's secret, he threatens to expose her unless she stops him. Utilizing her cunning and seductive ways, Khloe prevents Parker from revealing the truth. But things take a turn when Miles catches Khloe giving Parker a blowjob. Determined to settle the matter, Miles and Parker must rein in Khloe's desires. Khloe takes on her stepbrother and step dad like a champ, proving that she is a tough cadet after all! Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of “Cadet Khloe” on! You can follow Khloe Kapri on Twitter @slutsaucekhloe. You can follow TeamSkeet on Twitter @teamskeet.

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