TeamSkeet Introduces "Back to the Cooter"

TeamSkeet is thrilled to announce the release of their latest movie feature, "Back to the Cooter." Following the successful format of previous features, this movie promises to take audiences on an unforgettable journey through time, with a delightful crossover twist from the network's Swap series (Sis Swap, Mom Swap, and Daughter Swap). TeamSkeet Introduces "Back to the Cooter" In Sis Swap’s scene, “Back to the Cooter Part 1: Pussy From the Past," viewers are taken back to the year 2019 and are introduced to Jimmy Michaels. Jimmy wants to go back to the year 1985 since he believes things back then were much better. He invents a time machine and, along with his friend Carlos Dickinson, travels back in time. But there's a mix-up. The boys end up in the wrong year and are taken to the year 1995 instead. When they arrive, they encounter younger versions of their stepmoms, Chloe Temple and Venus Vixen. The boys can’t help but notice how hot their stepmoms look younger. Sparks fly between the four, and they end up hooking up. However, the situation takes a twist when Chloe and Venus accidentally send Jimmy and Carlos back to the present day, unintentionally stranding them without their time machine. Did hooking up with their stepmoms alter their timeline? Stay tuned for Part 2, premiering July 31 on! TeamSkeet Honored with 14 AVN Awards Nominations for 2023

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