TeamSkeet Explores Hidden Desires in New Series

Prepare for an exciting new TeamSkeet series, Our Little Secret that delves into the intriguing world of hidden desires. In real life, people are part of two separate yet equally important groups: The ones who fantasize about fantastic sex in private and those who live out those fantasies. The first episode, "A Little Fun of Their Own," follows Mae Milano and Conor Coxxx as they seize the chance to pursue their long-standing crush while their moms reconnect. TeamSkeet Explores Hidden Desires in New Series Mae Milano and Conor’s mothers were once close friends but drifted apart for a while. With their mothers rekindling their friendship and spending more time together, Mae and Conor find themselves in a position to finally explore the long-held crush they’ve had for each other over the years. As the story unfolds, Mae and Conor explore each other’s bodies until eventually taking it all the way. It feels so wrong yet so right– as long as their moms don’t find out!
"We are thrilled to introduce 'Our Little Secret' to audiences,” said a company rep. “This is a series that invites viewers into a world of sensuality, fantasy, and hidden desires. We invite viewers to immerse themselves into their deepest fantasies while watching.”
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