TeamSkeet Drops 1st Part of ‘Vanna’s Easy A’ with Vanna Bardot

Viewers are in for a steamy ride as TeamSkeet releases Part 1 of their newest feature movie, “Vanna’s Easy A,” a parody of the 2010 favorite “Easy A.” After VIP members experienced the full extended cut, TeamSkeet released the first part for all members to watch. TeamSkeet Drops 1st Part of ‘Vanna’s Easy A’ with Vanna Bardot In this Innocent High scene, “Vanna's Easy A Part 1: Rumors Run Wild,” we follow the captivating narration of Vanna Bardot as she shares a juicy incident from her life. Vanna's life is going smoothly, but her best friend Codey Steele, can’t say the same. His buddies Daniel Shar and Nick Strokes, keep giving him a hard time for being a virgin, Codey also opens up to Vanna about his struggles with girls. Vanna hates seeing her best friend in such a difficult position and wants to help by having sex with him. After the two friends get intimate with each other, they soon find out that their secret arrangement has some unintended consequences. Rumors start flying, and things get wild, leading to unexpected situations that Vanna could not have predicted. What will she do now? Find out in Part 2, premiering August 24 only on!

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