Taboos on the Road: MYLF Releases Entire “We’re The Taylors”

MYLF Features is thrilled to announce that the full movie "We're The Taylors” is out now! This parody of the 2013 movie "We're the Millers" stars the gorgeous Kenzie Taylor, the MYLF of the Month for July. This sexy comedy takes you on a wild ride of family adventures and some hot taboo sex! Taboos on the Road: MYLF Releases Entire “We're The Taylors” Kenzie is having a super stressful time. Her directing job got messed up because of a writer's strike, and her stepkids, Gal Ritchie and Elias Cash, are always arguing and driving her crazy. With bills piling up, she's about to lose it! But, thankfully, her loving husband Chad Alva sees how stressed she is and comes up with a wild idea - they should go on a surprise vacation to see Kenzie's wacky sister Barb (Whitney OC), who lives in another state. The Taylors soon embark on a crazy road trip filled with horny cops, unexpected penis bug bites, and a plethora of steamy sexual encounters. "We're The Taylors" promises an unforgettable rollercoaster ride where taboos and family bonding intertwine in this daring new movie.

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