Stunning Women Unleash Desires in New TeamSkeet Scenes

TeamSkeet unveils a hot collection of 6 new scenes this week. Featuring the seductive talents of Haley Spades, Mina Luxx, Mochi Mona, and more of the sexiest female performers in the industry, these releases promise to leave viewers cumming back for more! Stunning Women Unleash Desires in New TeamSkeet Scenes Sis Swap premieres TeamSkeet’s newest movie, “Back to the Cooter.” In “Back to the Cooter Part 1: Pussy From the Past,” Jimmy Michaels wants to travel back to 1985, so he creates a time machine and takes himself and his friend Carlos Dickinson back in time. However, they made a mistake and ended up in the year 1995 instead, where they met younger versions of their stepmoms, Chloe Temple and Venus Vixen. The four hit it off right away, and the boys notice how alluring their stepmoms are when younger. Will hooking up with their stepmoms alter their timeline? Haley Spades says, “She’s Skipping School Today” in an all-new Exxxtra Small scene. Haley is a little brat who doesn’t want to go to school. Her stepdad, Clarke Kent, has to chase her around the house to get her ready for school. Their morning routine consists of Clarke bathing Haley and dressing her, activities that bring them closer together. As they continue to bond, Clarke decides to let Haley stay home so the two can have their own fun instead. In a new Family Strokes episode, “Back To School Anxiety,” Mochi Mona is anxious about returning to school because she’s been dealing with bullying. Her stepbrother, Joshua Lewis, gives her some advice on how to deal with her bullies. He tells her that she should get a boyfriend who will protect her and starts giving her tips on how to get a guy to like her, leading Mochi to give Joshua a blowjob. Their stepdad, Quinton James, catches them and decides to join in by giving Mona his own tips she can practice. Rissa May feels self-conscious about her body in a brand new Sis Loves Me episode, “Booby Trap.” Everyone at school keeps telling Rissa that her boobs are way too big. Worried, she turns to her stepbrother, Juan Loco, who is studying to become a doctor. She wants Juan to take a look for himself and give his professional opinion. Juan has already been checking Rissa out and knows her boobs are the perfect size. Now he gets to play with them! My Babysitters Club features Prim Taylor volunteering to help her teacher Mr. GI Joey in a new scene titled “The Naughty Student.” Prim is helping Joey around the house, but her real motive is to sneak into his grade book to change her failing grades. Joey catches her and immediately knows that he has no choice but to punish her with a spanking! Mina Luxx sleeps over at her friend’s house to get closer to her dad, Ken Feels, in a new Little Asians episode, “Perfect Timing.” Mina’s always had a fat crush on Ken, and now is her chance to get closer to him. Mina waits until nighttime, and everyone is asleep to get Ken while he’s alone on the couch. Now’s her time to shine and flaunt her gorgeous petite body to make Ken want her! Visit and follow them on Twitter @teamskeet.

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