StepHouseXXX Touts Upcoming Summer Scenes with Fresh Faces

It was a crazy busy week for StepHouseXXX bosses Valentina Bellucci and Mad Vince during EXXXOTICA Miami as the pair welcomed fresh new faces to the set during the popular fan expo to shoot a slew of steamy scenes in the sultry South Florida heat. StepHouseXXX Touts Upcoming Summer Scenes with Fresh Faces The onscreen newbies making a scene in B/G pairings over EXXXOTICA weekend included Alyssia Vera & Berry McKockiner, Bellucci & Berry McKockiner, Briston Moreau & Mad Vince, and Briston Moreau & Scott Trainor. Amy Quinn and Nicky Rebel shot a sizzling performance in Tampa earlier in the week as well, with the stars set to make their StepHouseXXX debut in the coming weeks.
“All of the scenes were shot at our friend's house, which proved to be a bit difficult, as everyone had obligations during EXXXOTICA, but overall, we are really happy with the outcome,” said Mad Vince of the productions. “Valentina did a great job directing and coordinating, and it helped to have friends who were supporting us during this busy time. “The worst thing about shooting was definitely the heat and humidity. I don't know who came up with the idea to have EXXXOTICA in Miami in the middle of July, but I can tell you that all the models, camera people and everyone on set complained when we had to go outside and shoot something… including me!”
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