Sophia Locke Opens Up in New Interview for Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire Podcast

Sophia Locke, one of the industry’s favorite adult film stars who is back onscreen after a five-year hiatus, was a featured guest on a recent episode of the Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire Podcast. Sophia Locke Opens Up in New Interview for Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire Podcast The sultry redhead, who is set to appear at the 2023 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo January 4-7 signing at the 101 Modeling exhibit booth, spoke to St. Claire at length about her life in and out of the adult business over the past several years.
“After seven years of being in the industry, I did want people to see me for something else… I was really quiet about it, no one knew that I had done sex work… but now I am very open that I did adult film, I am excited to be open about it now; I was so reserved about it before,” she says in the virtual interview. She praises the enlightened state of today’s skin biz: “People have been pretty respectful, more so than in my vanilla jobs where you have a boss who is all touchy-feely and you can’t say anything… it’s awesome being in this industry, I think.” Locke also discusses her love of singing: “I imagine it’s probably related to how much I love performing in adult stuff… you want to be on stage, you want to be watched, you want to affect people in some way - for singing, it’s emotionally, for sex work it’s obviously in a different way.”
These days, Locke says she’s learned to simply sit back and enjoy the ride as an onscreen performer. “I am very determined to be single and focus on my career… I am feeling very grateful to have this second chance in this business that I didn’t know if I’d have or not, and I just want to go as far as I can with it.” Sophia Locke is available for booking through 101 Modeling. Listen to the Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire Podcast interview in full at Apple PodcastsSpotifyPodchaserPodbay, and other quality platforms.    

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