Sophia Locke Gets Personal in New Interview

Sophia Locke recently sat for a revealing interview with Steph Sia of the Stripped by SIA podcast about her professional experiences - and personal perspective - on her high-flying career in the adult entertainment industry. Sophia Locke Gets Personal in New Interview The flame-haired model, performer and content creator, who has been in and out of the business for over a decade, opened up about the challenges, risks and rewards of sex work, as well as her five-year break from - and subsequent 2021 return to - an industry that has long offered Sophia Locke a wealth of support and success.
"Sophia was such an incredible guest to have on Stripped by SIA. Sophia was able open up about her past relationships - a side we may have rarely seen from her in the past - and was transparent about her work as an adult performer,” said Steph Sia. “She is firmly rooted in who she is, which was very apparent in the episode. It was great to learn about this side of her."
Locke is a model, content creator and adult film star on a mission; the sultry Long Beach native was born with an adventurous streak that ultimately manifested itself in her budding sexuality.
“I signed up to a cam site back in 2010 to satisfy my exhibitionism and to explore BDSM,” she said. “It was fascinating to learn the different fetishes that people were into; I also was able to make great money, so I quit my job in luxury hospitality to do it full-time for the next seven years.”
You can follow Sophia Locke on Twitter @_SophiaLocke_.

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