Sofia Rose Appointed to Cupcake Girls’ Board of Directors

Adult film icon Sofia Rose is pleased to announce that she has been officially awarded an appointment on the Board of Directors of The Cupcake Girls, the Las Vegas-based non-profit support group and resource center for members of the adult industry. Sofia Rose Appointed to Cupcake Girls’ Board of Directors In her new role, Sofia Rose will actively participate in the company’s board meetings, fundraising activities, special events, and strategic planning initiatives that advance and uphold the group’s mission.
“I am absolutely honored, elated and thrilled to be appointed this seat with the Cupcake Girls’ Board of Directors,” enthused Rose. “Sex workers’ rights and safety have always been important to me, and it’s a subject close to my heart. “I am really excited to be involved - as an advocate and active sex worker myself - to help bring proactive change and growth to our community while using my voice and platform in a way that can make a difference and impact the lives of my fellow community.” Amy-Marie Merrell, Executive Director of The Cupcake Girls, enthused, “I’m delighted to have such a force for positive community and culture on my board team within Sofia! She’s such a force in the community, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!” Board Chairwoman Charlotte Stokely added, “As an advocate and mentor of my industry peers for two decades, I know the immense empathy and dedication that’s necessary to be consistent in true support within this industry at all levels. I’ve been in awe of Sofia Rose for about four years now, having shared space with her on multiple panels we’ve done together dedicated to helping our peers, whether it be mentally, financially or giving advice on how to succeed in this industry. “As Chairwoman of The Cupcake Girls Org, I am so grateful I called Sofia to ask her if she’s interested in taking this valuable role as Board Member. Not only is the seat of value, but the value that she herself brings as a whole is immeasurable. She has personally without expectation helped our industry peers without conditions and without seeking recognition for years. You wouldn’t believe what Sofia has done on her own behind closed doors! She deserves this recognition and title. “Also important to mention is that I’m so elated to have another sex worker on board! Keep your eyes open, cuz I feel Sofia is just getting started and I tell you without a doubt she is a full force of nature, and with her empowering love, support and well-educated sense of direction in guidance, The Cupcake Girls Org is heading in the best direction possible.”
To learn more about The Cupcake Girls you can visit The Southern California native is a prominent influencer and brand ambassador, traveling and speaking at events as a body-positive, sex-positive representative. She's worked with major production companies like Brazzers, BangBros, Penthouse, and more! You can follow Sofia Rose on Twitter @bbwsofiarose. You can follow The Cupcake Girls on Twitter @CupcakeGirlsOrg.

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