Skye Blue Celebrates Summer Solstice in Transfixed Debut

Skye Blue celebrated the summer solstice in a big way, and it’s the storyline for her Transfixed debut. Skye Blue Celebrates Summer Solstice in Transfixed Debut Directed by Ricky Greenwood, Transfixed’s “Festival Fling” opens with Skye Blue knocking on Gracie Jane’s front door. The old friends are reuniting to go to a music festival. Both are dressed in typical festival attire of colorful bikini tops and long flowy skirts and complement each other on how great they look while flirting with each other. The discussion circles back to the last festival that featured incredible music and a drum circle that morphed into a full-blown orgy. Then, they decide to hook up before leaving to squash any sexual tension in the air. And Skye admits she’s been thinking about it since she walked in. The question remains: after such an incredible erotic afternoon, will they even make it to the festival?
“Gracie Jane was incredible to work with and the perfect person to make my Transfixed debut with. We got along well, had much to talk about, and the sexual chemistry was amazing. I think our fans and the Adult Time members will really enjoy this scene,” says Skye Blue.
Watch the trailer and exclusive scene for “Festival Fling” HERE.

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