Shay Sights in New Mom Lover Scene

Shay Sights is bringing back the 80s in her new Mom Lover scene, and the football player she’s coaching is more than ready to go retro. Shay Sights in New Mom Lover Scene Shay Sights’ new Mom Lover scene, “Bringing The 80s Back - S2:E7,” opens with her dressed as an 80s fitness instructor in a bright pink thong leotard and purple leggings with a whistle around her neck and holding a clipboard. In walks Zane Walker, the football player she’s coaching. Shay keeps smacking his butt and then demands he returns the favor. Then Shay gives a speech about how coaches in the 80s did improper things before she slips off the top of her leotard, baring her amazing rack for Zane to squeeze. Then, Shay falls on the couch and rips the crotch out of her leggings, giving Zane an open invitation to stick it to her. The hot workout continues with doggy, a legendary BJ, reverse cowgirl, and spooning before Zane pops on her stomach, Shay licks the cum off her fingertips, and Zane thanks her for an incredible workout.
“I enjoyed the retro outfit and feel of this scene. Zane was very easy to coach and took direction well. If he does as well on the field as he did in my living room, he can definitely look forward to a winning season,” says Shay Sights.
Watch the trailer and scene for “Bringing The 80s Back - S2:E7” on Mom Lover's official website. You can follow Shay Sights on Twitter @shay_sights. You can follow Zane Walker on Twitter @zanewalkerxxx.

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