Shawn Alff appears on "Like A VRgin" Podcast

BanksieTV and Motorbunny Present Groundbreaking VR Interview Series 'Like a VRgin' with Host Lindsey Banks and Special Guest Shawn Alff. BanksieTV and Motorbunny are thrilled to unveil the latest episode of their groundbreaking VR interview series, 'Like a VRgin,' featuring host Lindsey Banks and the charismatic Shawn Alff. Available now on YouTube, the monthly series takes viewers on an immersive journey into the world of sex tech and the adult industry as a whole. [embedyt][/embedyt] 'Like a VRgin' showcases cutting-edge 360-VR technology, offering viewers an unparalleled experience as they delve into the lives and careers of VR industry luminaries. Lindsey Banks, also known as Banksie, expertly guides the audience through insightful conversations that explore various aspects of the industry. With each episode, Banks unveils custom 3D avatars of her guests, creating a visually stunning and interactive gallery experience on the Metaverse platform, The YouTube channel also features spatial audio technology, enhancing the viewing experience with additional content.
Expressing her excitement about Shawn Alff's guest appearance, host Lindsey Banks stated, "We are thrilled to have Shawn as a guest on our series and podcast. His story is fun and inspiring, and we believe it resonates with our audience. He has risen to become a top performer in our industry, aside from other things he has achieved and worked on."
In this episode, Shawn Alff opens up about his personal journey within the adult industry, sharing both the challenges and triumphs he has encountered along the way. Viewers will also get an exclusive look at Alff's custom 3D model avatar, showcasing the seamless integration of technology and adult entertainment. Additionally, Alff sheds light on his mother, affectionately known as Loose Lucy and her battle with Parkinson's disease. His TikTok occasionally features Lucy, and Alff discusses the impact of the disease on their lives and highlights the charities close to their hearts. To support the cause, viewers and listeners are encouraged to donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, with a donation link provided. BanksieTV has already raised $1000 towards this important cause. The exclusive bonus audio-only podcast will be available on all major platforms starting June 19, 2023. 'Like a VRgin' continues to push boundaries and provide a captivating exploration of the intersection between technology and the adult industry. Join Lindsey Banks and her guests on this immersive journey by watching the full episode on YouTube and tuning in to the audio podcast for even more engaging content.
  • You can follow Shawn Alff on Twitter at @ShawnAlff.
  • You can follow Lindsey Banks on Twitter at @QueenBanksie

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