Sex Coach Kaitlin Klarer Appears on ‘Like a VRgin’ Series

BanksieTV and Motorbunny proudly present their latest episode of ‘Like a VRgin’ featuring special guest sex coach Kaitlin Klarer now available on YouTube. The innovative VR series is hosted by Lindsey Banks.
“We're thrilled to have Kaitlin Klarer join us on Like A VRgin. Her expertise as a sex coach and her passion for helping people have fulfilling sex lives is truly inspiring,” said host Lindsey Banks. “Kaitlin's insights and tips are invaluable for anyone looking to improve their sexual experiences, and we're excited to share her wisdom with our viewers and listeners. We hope that Kaitlin's appearance on our show will help break down stigmas surrounding sex and empower people to embrace their sexuality.”
Guest Kaitlin Klarer is the creator of WGWP and Pornhub Sexual Wellness Sex Coach. Klarer is a renowned sex coach who has dedicated her career to helping individuals and couples have fulfilling and satisfying sex lives. In the episode, Klarer shared her insights and tips on how to improve one's sex life and relationships. She also delved into topics such as communication, consent, and the role of technology in modern relationships. Viewers and listeners were able to learn from Klarer's expertise and gain valuable insights into how to have more satisfying and fulfilling sex lives. Tune in to the episode here.  To learn more about Kaitlin and her work, follow her on social media @MySexCoach. ‘Like a VRgin’ is an innovative monthly series of 360-VR interviews hosted by Lindsey Banks (also known as Banksie) that delves into numerous aspects of SexTech and the adult industry as a whole. The interview series takes viewers on a virtual journey through the latest and greatest in VR technology, as well as offering insights into the lives and careers of the VR world's biggest stars. In each episode, Banks also reveals custom 3-D modeled visuals of the guests and includes bonus extended content for her new audio-only podcast. These 3-D avatars will also be part of an interactive gallery experience hosted on the Metaverse, On YouTube, ‘Like a VRgin’ implements spatial audio with additional content. For more information, visit Banks’ official website at and follow her on Twitter at @QueenBanksie.

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