Ryan Keely Stars in New MYLF Movie “Momster-in-Law”

MYLF is thrilled to announce the release of its newest movie, "Momster-in-Law." This side-splitting parody of the 2005 Jennifer Lopez film, "Monster-in-Law," stars none other than MYLF's very own MYLF of the Month for May 2023, Ryan Keely. Ryan Keely Stars in New MYLF Movie “Momster-in-Law” The movie will follow the same format as MYLF’s previous movie “The Price of Perfect” and will be broken down into 3 parts and will be a crossover release between 3 of the network’s most popular series Mylfwood, Mylfed, and Bad Milfs. Mylfwood drops the first part of the movie, “Momster-in-Law Part 1: The Engagement”. The plot follows the engagement of Ryan’s stepson Oliver Flynn and his girlfriend Serena Hill, and while Serena is over the moon with joy, Ryan isn't quite as thrilled. With passive aggression to spare, Ryan takes on the role of the shady lady with an odd infatuation with her stepson as she tries to ensure she won't be replaced in his life. After a not-so-delightful meeting between Oliver, Serena, and Ryan, Ryan waits until Oliver is alone to enact her plan to keep Oliver with her forever. She quickly changes into some sexy white lingerie and does everything she can to get Oliver’s attention until he can’t help but give in to her seduction!
"We couldn't be more thrilled to have Ryan Keely as our MYLF of the Month, and we're ecstatic to see her comedic and sensual talents on full display in ‘Momster-in-Law’”, said a company rep. "We know she'll have audiences wanting to see more with her performance in this movie."

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