Royce Swells Makes Her Debut on TeamSkeet

After welcoming Khloe Kingsley last week, TeamSkeet is happy to present yet another rookie to the industry, Royce Swells, in brand new She’s New update, “The Very Choice Royce”! Royce Swells Makes Her Debut on TeamSkeet The 20-year-old Californian babe loves to workout and skateboard, but has a passion for surfing.
“I surf a lot. People always take pictures of me and I always get free boards!” The conversation then takes a steamier turn when Royce gets asked if she has a boyfriend. “There is a guy that I’ve been seeing but he has no idea that I’m doing this right now-- I just don’t know how to have this conversation with him!” Royce then gets into some more dirty facts about herself such as having been part of a foursome as a virgin and getting paid to shoot a sex tape in high school which led her to pursue porn as a career, “I want to do porn because I like to have fun, I think it’s hot.”
Royce Swells Makes Her Debut on TeamSkeet As the interview progresses, Royce strips down while talking about what her turn-ons are and is then joined by Max Fills who is ready to pop her porn cherry! You can find Royce Swells first ever boy/girl scene only on the official TeamSkeet website.
  • You can follow Royce Swells on Twitter @Royceswells.
  • You can follow TeamSkeet on Twitter @teamskeet.

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