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Rosso of Gaming Adult is this week’s guest on Adult Site Broker Talk. Rosso of Gaming Adult on Adult Site Broker Talk With over 17 years of expertise in affiliate and gaming, Gaming Adult has become professionals in designing, distributing, and monetizing the most engaging games in the market, with over 15 million registered players. They have won the GFY and YNOT Awards thrice. Using a fremium model, they achieve the greatest conversion and retention rates on the market by offering high-quality content and developing communities with their players. Gaming Adult is the ideal option for connecting affiliates directly with their games by giving the greatest tools to attract consumers and increase revenue. Tools include dynamic banners, landing pages, iFrames, and more. There's also immediate stats access with real-time conversion data. Their most popular games include PornStar Harem, which has top porn stars, Comix Harem and Hentai Heroes (which feature hentai characters), Gay Harem, and Hentai Clicker. Rosso is the creator of Gaming Adult. He and his staff, all dressed in red suits, may be seen at all the major adult shows. Rosso can be identified by his blue beard. Before entering adult, Rosso earned a master's degree in marketing from a French business school and worked for Fortune 40 businesses in France.
"I've known Rosso for a long time," said Bruce, the show's host and CEO of Adult Site Broker. “He's witty and insightful. The interview was not only entertaining, but it was also incredibly enlightening about adult gaming and where Rosso sees it headed. I'm sure you'll appreciate it."
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