Ron Jeremy officially committed to state mental hospital

Ron Jeremy has been officially committed to a state mental health hospital after being found incapable of standing trial on charges of rape and other criminal offenses, reported a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney.
Although my sources say he's actually been there for a while now, and "the conditions are horrid."
Greg Risling, the spokesperson for the district attorney's office, said that Jeremy could be held for up to two years, and a hearing on his progress is set for May 8. Originally, Jeremy had been indicted on 30 counts of rape and other sexual misconduct, with the alleged offenses taking place across a 23-year period in the Los Angeles region. Jeremy had pleaded not guilty to the charges. In January, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Harris determined that Jeremy was not able to support his defense, according to his lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb. Having spoken with someone close to Ron, he is likely to spend the full two years in the state hospital before being moved to a "memory home" that is more suitable to care for someone late stage dementia. If he can't afford the cost, he'll simply be shifted to another state-run hospital and not get the specialized care needed for his condition. It's unclear what Ron Jeremy's true financial state is, and I'm told it's unlikely any of his family will be able to afford the  $10,000 or more per month he'll need to go to a private facility. As he didn't serve in the military, he can't fall back on veterans benefits to cover this cost either, so it's not looking like a bright future for him. We'll keep you updated as more information about his case or condition becomes available. Be sure and follow us on Twitter at @Fleshbot so you won't miss a thing!

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