Ricky’s Room’s Hot New Savannah Bond Anal Scene

Award-winning site Ricky’s Room has a hot new scene featuring gorgeous blonde Savannah Bond with multi-talented owner Ricky Johnson. It's a lush, graphic, passionate anal scene. Fans won't be able to look away once the action starts. Even Ricky became enchanted by the honey from down under and her extraordinary derriere! Ricky’s Room's Hot New Savannah Bond Anal Scene
“As tight as this delicious lady is put together, nothing could prepare me for staring into those eyes like blue pools while she tells me, in her Australian accent, to fuck her ass,” Ricky said. “And as you can see for yourself, that ass is nothing short of amazing, just like the rest of her!”
The two do what they do best, using toys to warm up her beautiful bubble before Ricky gives her what she wants most. After he's sure she's satisfied, he blesses her with his cum shot right in her mouth, and she happily swallows every drop! The breathtaking Australian beauty enjoyed herself as much as Ricky did.
"Ricky's Room set is how every porn set should be,” said Savannah Bond. “Fun, glamorous, and efficient."
The Anal Of Oz” is LIVE NOW at Ricky's Room! Ricky’s Room's Hot New Savannah Bond Anal Scene Ricky and Ricky’s Room received nominations for this year’s Urban X Awards. Vote for Ricky to win Male Performer of the Year at urbanxvoting.com and Director of the Year at urbanxvoting.com. Then vote for Ricky’s Room to win Best New Studio of the Year at urbanxvoting.com!
“I’m honored by these nominations,” Ricky said. “It’s amazing. It would be even more amazing to win. Please take a moment to vote for me. Thank you!”
For more about the 2023 Urban X Awards, visit https://urbanxvoting.com/. Follow them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/urbanXawards.

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