Ricky Greenwood Starts September with ASN Lifestyle Mag Cover

Multi-award-winning French Canadian adult director and writer Ricky Greenwood is the cover star and has a 14-page feature in the September issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine. Ricky Greenwood Starts September with ASN Lifestyle Mag Cover Ricky Greenwood is kicking off awards season with the cover and a feature in the September 2023 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine. The cover shows Ricky in a reflective moment away from work. The 14-page feature titled “Multi-Award-Winning Director Ricky Greenwood Is Driven to Make His Next Movie But Not for Money or Trophies” has an exclusive interview that chronicles his start in the industry and his mainstream work before that and his first projects. It also delves into the award he’s most proud of winning, what he enjoys most about filming, his favorite horror films, what keeps him going, what movie he’d love to make with an unlimited budget and much more. Along with the article, there are many photos of Ricky on set with the stars of his films, showing off his craft, posing with Alex Moon and holding their trophies, and sitting in the police car used in his Adult Time film "Grinders." Whether you're a longtime fan of Ricky's or new to his world, the interview is an insightful look into one of our time's most important adult directors. Ricky Greenwood Starts September with ASN Lifestyle Mag Cover
"This is the most in-depth article of my career, and I feel like it's a snapshot of my life before the industry and how far I've come. It was great to tackle some interview questions that I've never had before and to reach a new audience," says Ricky Greenwood.
ASN Magazine is always free to read. See Ricky’s cover and 14-page feature starting on Page 60 at asn.asnlifestylemagazine.com.

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