Ricky Greenwood Makes Directorial Debut on Parasited

Multi-award-winning adult director and writer Ricky Greenwood has taken on a new directorial adventure, and it’s directing for the new possessed girl site, Parasited. His first scene for them, “Infection,” is available exclusively on the Parasited official website. Ricky Greenwood Makes Directorial Debut on Parasited Ricky Greenwood loves the horror genre, and one of his projects, "The Bargain," won him many awards and critical acclaim. New studio Parasited, whose films revolved around alien parasites taking over hot babes' bodies to carry out their handiwork, enjoyed Ricky's filming-making and decided to bring him on as a director. Ricky makes his debut with "Infection" starring Kimmy Kim and Lulu Chu. Kimmy and Lulu thought the news about alien parasites was too crazy to be true, but they're inquisitive and decided to check it out. Neither girl knew alien parasites were lurking, and they ventured into Kimmy's pussy to take control. Once the parasites take over, both girls ooze green slime—both Kimmy and Lulu are covered in it, making them want to fuck even more.
"Horror and sex are two huge turn-ons; Parasited combines them, and I think it will be a huge hit. I like the horror aspect and how the scenes are shot. Lulu and Kimmy were perfect casting since both girls can act and really understood what we were going for. Plus, they have an undeniable chemistry," says Ricky Greenwood.

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