Replaced by AI? Cami Strella Examines the Hopes and Fears of Future Tech in Adult

The technology is here, and Cami Strella is weighing the pros and cons of AI-generated content as a possible threat - or advantage - to the adult industry’s existing (and future) production model… and its models.
“I personally do not see it as any sort of competition for real interaction with real adult creators and talent,” assures Strella. “It's specifically being marketed as AI, so I can see how this can be appealing to an audience that isn't, and possibly never was, invested in the IRL porn industry or community. “As long as the parameters for AI Porn are text-based, as this one is, I see no issue. I highly doubt any sort of image-based NSFW program will ever be made available, as that would just create a slew of deepfakes and non-consensual imagery using others' likenesses.”
While future content could benefit from innovative AI enhancements such as visual effects and storylines, Strella believes that AI imagery will most likely be used to improve, rather than replace, the human experience onscreen, as well as create a whole new fan base in the process. “Imagine a fan wants to see me create a scene, but at an angle or a shot that perhaps I'm not particularly comfortable with… having sex while my legs are behind my head, which I cannot do in real life, would be interesting to have AI create that shot for me.
AI Porn, in my opinion, will likely make an entirely new audience that does not currently exist. I often talk about how in the adult industry, there is a lot of competition that is perceived but doesn't actually exist and that we can ALL have pieces of the pie. This would form, essentially, an entirely new ‘pie’ in which users were never interested in seeing real performers to begin with. “Plus, if I could do an AI sex scene with anyone, I would honestly make a second version of myself,” she laughs. “Is that weird?!”
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