QueerCrush Drops CiCi Taylor’s First Girl/Girl Scene

QueerCrush announces the official debut of rising star CiCi Taylor in her first-ever Girl/Girl scene - alongside adult film superstar Gia Paige - in a fresh new release, “First Time’s the Charm”. QueerCrush Drops CiCi Taylor’s First Girl/Girl Scene The new scene, directed by company co-founder Electra Rayne, spotlights the auburn-haired starlet - a self-described “baby gay”, having realized she’s queer in the last few years with only one same-sex experience under her belt - in a searing onscreen performance that also marks Paige’s first time wearing a strap-on.
“We are delighted to introduce CiCi Taylor to QueerCrush fans and share her Girl/Girl debut with the amazing Gia Paige,” said Rayne, who also released an interview with the pair, discussing their motivations for shooting with QueerCrush, favorite toys, masturbation techniques and personal journeys in realizing they were queer. “It was very Prideful too - with rainbow socks and all!”
In addition to the new release, QueerCrush has also signed on as a Violet sponsor of Las Vegas Pride Celebration 2023 in October and has been formally selected to screen its lesbian featurette Crush - Baby Gemini & Lotus Lain at the 2023 San Francisco Porn Film Festival. Right now during Pride Month, QueerCrush.com is offering new customers 20% off for life - locking in a permanent $19.99 pricing.

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