Pineapple Support Gets Twitter Account Suspended

Pineapple Support isn't having a good start to the year. It appears that the Twitter account has been suspended for undisclosed violations. The non-profit organization has come under fire over the past few months for its questionable spending, including allegations the founders flying on private jets and picking up large tabs for dinners at adult industry shows. This is all while complaints about the services the non-profit provides, or lack thereof, continue to pile up on social media. The common complaint seems to be that they get a lot of money from donations, but what do they really do for adult performers?
One girl went on to explain how she contacted them for a referral to a sex worker-friendly therapist in her area. They told her, "we don't do that." The girl was confused because wasn't that like the only thing they did? "They offered her a link to," for help instead. Yes, the fucking magazine, pyschology today. Another told a story about how she contacted them for help. The only thing they offered was a 3rd party "active listening" app, which is available free, to anyone through another company. So again, the performer was confused what exactly it was this non profit was gathering all of these donations for.
The nonprofit got on my radar early on when they had a board member with access to vulnerable performers information that had been involved in an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.
He was the "Outreach Coordinator for Pineapple Support," giving him direct access to the names and contact information for all sorts of vulnerable girls.
He is the guy who made up the fake porn production company using it to walk the adult industry awards red carpet to appear legit, so he could film girls in what he said was REAL scenes (although not one ever got released) and in reality, it was secretly shit he was doing for this rich guy (aka tricking girls into prostitution). The guy is still around to this day, exploiting vulnerable girls. He tends to target those he knows has drinking troubles. Pineapple Support never acknowledged their very public association with the man in question but did quietly remove him from their website as a trusted board member. Interestingly enough, a year later, he was seen at a Pineapple Support industry-only event with the actual founder. Who is Pineapple Support? They are a non-profit who claims to provide emotional support for sex workers, as well as free and subsidized professional therapy. The active listening company providing this 24/7 emotional support (7 cups) is a 3rd party service, that Pineapple Support white labels. With the disclaimer, "Pineapple Support can not be held responsible for communication made through 7 Cups Of Tea." They go on to say that "Therapists accessed through 7 Cups of Tea are not affiliated with Pineapple Support in any way and can not be guaranteed adult industry aware." They call them "therapists," but in fact, these are volunteers with a very limited amount of training in a skill called active listening. This from what I understand is done through a simple online class, which you can take yourself through udemy. They are not therapists. They are not doctors. They are not counselors and, in fact, may not give you any advice whatsoever. Anyway, the point of this story was to let you know that their Twitter is suspended. I got off track telling you about their questionable background. Why did they get their Twitter account suspended? I have no idea. Perhaps they'll get it back to they can keep on getting those donations. 🤷‍♀️      

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