Penthouse Announces Top 6 Finalists Vying for the 2023 ‘Pet of the Year’ Title

Penthouse has narrowed the field from 12 Pet of the Year candidates down to six finalists in the running to be awarded Penthouse Pet of the Year 2023. Penthouse Announces Top 6 Finalists Vying for the 2023 ‘Pet of the Year’ Title Voting has been open for several weeks, and the Final 6 models advancing to the next round are: MSPUIYI, Tahlia Paris, Stormi Maya, Trippie Bri, Veronica Perasso, and Amber Rose. The Pet of the Year title will be awarded to the model with the highest number of votes as determined by participating voters. In this final round of voting, website visitors may cast one vote per day from now until May 5.
“It’s been a close race among our amazing 12 Pets of the Month,” said Penthouse CEO Moose, “And now that it’s down to the Top 6, we expect it will get even closer. All of our Penthouse Pet finalists are deserving of becoming Pet of the Year, and we are extremely honored to be a part of their journey so far.”
The diverse group of finalists includes models with backgrounds as unique and distinctive as their beauty. January’s Pet of the Month, MSPUIYI, is a savvy businessperson, entrepreneur, and influencer. Her advice is, “Believe in yourself and fight for your dream.” Two Pet of the Year candidates have a background in music – February Pet of the Month, Tahlia Paris, and March Pet of the Month, Stormi Maya. Paris is a model who has also found success as a DJ. And Maya is a recording artist and member of the rock band Cinnamon Babe.
“Being a Penthouse Pet is really like being a part of a family – A family I feel that I’ve always been meant to be a part of,” said Tahlia Paris. “I love that Penthouse has kept me so involved. I was able to explore a new country, meet some Petsisters, and broaden my horizons in so many ways! Winning Pet of the Year 2023 would mean so much to me. I would love to be the Pet that the others look up to, to be a role model. And to be able to represent the magazine as the ‘Woman of the Year’ so to speak, would be a dream.”
Stormi Maya said, “Working with Penthouse has been more amazing than I have ever imagined. The way they have supported my music, my brand, and have treated me like family means so much to me. They gave me the amazing life experience of going to Australia, something some people can only dream of. They supported my band Cinnamon Babe, even used my music for promo videos. I am so proud of carrying the title of Penthouse Pet, and it has truly changed my life. I’d be honored to be Pet of The Year. To be the first Black/POC Pet of the Year in history would mean ALOT to me, and to girls that look like me.” November’s Pet of the Month, Veronica Perasso, has a background in culinary arts and is a professional chef. May Pet, Trippie Bri, is a free-spirited artist and tomboy who previously played in competitive sports and has dreams of becoming a professional actress.
Said Bri, “Being one of the select few chosen to be a Penthouse Pet is an honor! I am grateful to be a part of this sisterhood, and I know that this year’s POY will be an exemplar of what it means to be a modern woman.”
Also sharing a background in acting and sports is December’s Pet of the Month, Amber Rose, who aspires to a future of working in philanthropy.
“It has quite literally meant the world to me to be inducted into the Penthouse family as a Pet and to join the incrediblePenthouse family,” said Rose. “This blessing came to me at a very difficult time of my life, and it helped foster such a beautiful metamorphosis within myself that was much needed. I cannot thank the entire team enough for seeing something special in me and for giving me this amazing opportunity. Now it’s even more unimaginable that I am in the running forPOY. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of their support and for seeing something special in me when it was so very hard to see anything special within myself. You all are the reason that any of this is possible, and I am so very grateful for the opportunity that has been bestowed upon me.”
Penthouse’s 2023 ‘Pet of the Year Playoffs’ voting poll will remain open from now until Friday, May 5, at 12:00 midnight. Pet Playoffs voting information and details at

January: MSPUIYI

February: Tahlia Paris

March: Stormi Maya

May: Trippie Bri

November: Veronica Perasso

December: Amber Rose

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