Penny Barber Stars in Two Blockbusters from MILFY & Pure Taboo

Penny Barber has two new blockbusters available now on Pure Taboo and MILFY, and both are definite must-sees for her true fans. Penny Barber Stars in Two Blockbusters from MILFY & Pure Taboo Penny Barber returns to Pure Taboo for her sixth scene, possibly her best. She steps into the role of Monica, whose half of a married couple—she and Jared (played by Robby Apples) celebrate their success when they find out the cryptocurrency market has crashed. Both are fired from their company and in dire straits, with none of Jared’s investments paying off. Jared comes up with what he thinks is a brilliant idea and suggests Monica become an escort as a temporary solution. Months later, they’re back on track after Monica takes Jared’s suggestion. The couple is back on track, and Monica wants to continue escorting. Jared tries to get her to change her mind, but Monica refuses to lose everything again and even shows Jared a few tricks she’s learned. Watch the trailer and member-exclusive HERE. [caption id="attachment_8967517" align="aligncenter" width="1199"]Penny Barber Stars in Two Blockbusters from MILFY & Pure Taboo Photo courtesy of MILFY's "Perfect Touch"[/caption] Penny’s first MILFY scene, “Honeydew Penny,” went viral and helped launch the now iconic site; plus, she was a massive part of their social media and advertising campaign. Directed by Kayden Kross, Penny’s second scene, “Perfect Touch,” recently debuted. Dante Colle recalls when her son Brandon joined the football team and how she baked cakes for every birthday and smelled like warm vanilla. But he had to play it cool since she was his friend’s mom. While Penny is in the kitchen, Dante does chores outside, fakes being dirty, and they head to the laundry room to remove his clothes. Penny notices his chiseled physique and comments about the football is paying off. The two go at it in the living room, and the perfect mom spreads sunshine entirely differently. Check out the trailer, scene, and photoset HERE.
“Both these scenes were amazing to film. I’m excited that my fans and members of Pure Taboo and MILF can watch the scenes, and they’re out in time to be considered for awards season,” says Penny Barber.

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