Penny Barber Makes Blacked Debut

Kinky Mommy Dom, Strap-on Boss, and multi-award nominated MILF Penny Barber has made her Blacked debut, and the unforgettable scene will make you question if it’s all a dream or reality. Penny Barber Makes Blacked Debut Penny Barber has made her Blacked debut in “Waking Dream” with Vixen Media Group contract star Anton Harden. Directed by Derek Dozer, the scene opens with Penny dressed all white in lingerie and a marabou fur-trimmed silk robe, answering her phone in bed. It’s her husband, and she tells him about the strangest dream she had. Then the scene shifts to dream sequence mode with Penny dressed all in white and relaxing in the living room. Penny notices someone in the chair (Anton) looking at her, which doesn’t surprise her, but she is curious. At first, Penny was confused, but then she understood he was just playing a little game. The next shot is Penny and Anton going at in the bedroom and doing things she wouldn’t do in real life. Penny Barber Makes Blacked Debut
“It’s great to work with Derek again, and Anton was a pleasure to work with, and we definitely had chemistry. I like the dream element of the scene and how it was shot, but it was even more fun to shoot. Make sure to favorite the scene and rate it a perfect 10, so you’ll see even more of me on the VMG sites,” says Penny Barber.
Watch the trailer and scene for “Waking Dream” and check out the photo gallery at the official Blacked website. Follow Penny Barber on Twitter @pamperedpenny Follow Blacked on Twitter @blacked_com

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