OnlyFans Star Elaina St. James Talks Age Discrimination on Social Media

Elaina St. James, OnlyFans’ most popular content creator over the age of 55, is speaking out against the biased attitudes of online social platforms, particularly when it comes to ageism. OnlyFans Star Elaina St. James Talks Age Discrimination on Social Media Despite the media’s oft-repeated public support of ‘inclusivity’, St. James says that she believes that “media marginalizes people like me because of their own bias; despite our success, companies don't offer older creators the same branding deals that they offer less popular - but younger - social media influencers.
“Younger creators also tend to disregard older creators even if the they are significantly more successful than they are. Over 50 is a niche, sure, but it’s a profitable niche. Opportunities for shout-outs and collaborations are fewer, and TikTok is notorious for hating older creators - preferring creators who appear to look in their teens or younger. “Adult entertainment companies often dismiss performers over 50 as ‘Grannies’ and regard them as desperate old ladies that are pushed into fetish or interracial scenes. What is the common denominator that controls media, branding deals and porn? Middle-aged men, who generally believe that women over 40 are not as desirable as women in their 20s & 30s. “From a business perspective, media bosses’ personal preferences, which trickle down to their staff, blind them to a whole generation of 20- to 40-year-old men who fantasize about older women; they have plenty of money to spend on those fantasies, and companies would be wise to market to this group of consumers as well.”
St. James adds that adult content creators of all ages are in demand and should be treated as such: “everyone deserves equality and a level playing field to do business without bias or discrimination getting in the way of opportunities; inclusivity is for all of us, and companies making money off of our hard work need to remember that.”
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