OEJ Novelty Blasts Off with ‘Best Tech Toy’ at 2023 Altstar Awards

Held amidst the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the 2023 Altstar Awards Show witnessed Southern California's OEJ Novelty/Our Erotic Journey ascend to the winner's podium as their Gravity Rocket scooped up the coveted 'Best Tech Toy' trophy. The company's 'Our Erotic Journey to Space' collection has been a magnet for praise since its 2022 debut, cementing OEJ Novelty's place at the forefront of the burgeoning market of tech-savvy adult toys. This recent accolade further attests to the brand's commitment to innovation and exceptional quality in a sector traditionally associated with discretion rather than disruption.
Company founder, James Guo, received the award with gratitude and an enduring commitment to excellence. "We feel profoundly honored to receive the best tech toy award from Altstar. At OEJ, our raison d'être is the creation of outstanding toys. We leverage cutting-edge technology to refine our production processes and guarantee each step in the manufacturing journey yields flawless results,” Guo shared during his acceptance speech. "We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who cast their vote in our favor. We pledge to persevere, to continue raising the bar, and to persistently produce high-caliber toys."
The devices engineered by OEJ Novelty, built with superior body-safe materials and silky smooth silicone, epitomize safety and sophistication. They are water-resistant, submergible, and rechargeable, attesting to their durability and adaptability. These remote-controlled toys can be operated either manually or via remote and embody a unique cross-platform feature, where a single remote can simultaneously control multiple toys. This represents not only a breakthrough in usability but a demonstration of OEJ Novelty’s unwavering commitment to transforming intimate experiences through technology. You can follow Our Erotic Journey on Twitter at @oej_official.  

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