MYLF Unleashes Part 2 of “Momster-in-Law”

MYLF proudly presents the highly anticipated premiere of “Momster-in-Law Part 2: The Test”, starring May MYLF of the Month, Ryan Keely. This Mylfed scene continues the misadventures of Serena Hill and her conniving stepmother-in-law, Ryan, in a twisted tale that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats! MYLF Unleashes Part 2 of “Momster-in-Law” Serena Hill's romance with Ryan’s stepson, Oliver Flynn, takes a wild turn after their engagement. With Oliver away on business, Serena finds herself at the service of Ryan, the manipulative stepmother, who shows no mercy in her quest to torment the bride-to-be. Ryan even pretends to feel sick just to be able to boss Serena around more. Once night falls, Ryan takes it up a notch by making Serena sleep in the same bed as her since she’s feeling lonely. Determined not to crack under pressure, Serena follows all of Ryan’s orders– including laying in the same bed as her. As the two lay next to each other, Ryan finally confesses that she has no idea what her stepson sees in her and why he’s so attracted to her. She wonders if Serena is really that amazing in bed for her stepson to be so head-over-heels over her. That’s when Ryan comes up with her most devilish idea yet– she wants to test Serena's skills herself and see if she’s really got what it takes to please her beloved Oliver in bed! Catch up with “Momster-in-Law” Part 1 and don’t miss Part 3 premiering May 25 only on!

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