MYLF Releases Part 2 of ‘Back to the Cooter’ Movie

MYLF premieres "Back to the Cooter Part 2: Return Trip" on their popular series, Mom Swap. The story continues the time-travel adventure of Carlos Dickinson and Jimmy Michaels, transporting viewers on an horny journey through time and forbidden connections. MYLF Releases Part 2 of ‘Back to the Cooter’ Movie Carlos and Jimmy find themselves unexpectedly thrown from the year 1995 to 2013 after accidentally getting sent back home by their younger stepmothers (Chloe Temple and Venus Vixen). As they return home, they notice a difference in their surroundings - a change that is also noticed by their stepmoms, Kiki Klout (Chloe) and Sasha Pearl (Venus). The women are shocked to see their sons wearing the same clothes as the guys who took their virginity back in 1995. Now curious, Kiki and Sasha insist on inspecting Carlos and Jimmy's penises as a way to validate their suspicions. After some careful inspection, the milfs find themselves getting aroused and are now wanting a round 2 with the boys. Carlos and Jimmy are feeling just as frisky and soon enough start hooking up with each other’s stepmoms before switching to their own! As the plot unfolds, Carlos and Jimmy discover an unexpected twist: they have stepsisters in this altered timeline. What could this mean for the future? Find out in Part 3 on the official MYLF website.

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