MYLF Releases New Scenes Featuring Seductive Moms

MYLF drops an enticing collection of 6 new scenes this week, showcasing the mesmerizing performances of starlets like Katie Morgan, Mandy Rhea, Rachael Cavalli, and more sexy milfs! MYLF Releases New Scenes Featuring Seductive Moms UsePOV features Oliver Faze having a wet dream about his best friend’s mom (Mocha Menage) in a new scene, “The Girl of Your Dreams”. Oliver has always had a huge crush on Mocha, the problem is he’s never even had the courage to talk to her. One day while napping, Oliver begins to lucid dream and is able to control everything that happens. Mocha appears in his dream and he takes this opportunity to start freeusing her! Tiffani Madison takes a trip in the Milf Taxi in an all-new scene, “Back Seat Lap Dance”. Tiffani is going back home after a rough day working at the Gentlemen’s Club. She rants about her day to her driver (Calvin Hardy) and complains that she barely made any money at the club today. Calvin, curious, asks Tiffani more about her job and what kind of outfits she wears plus if she knows how to give a good lap dance. Tiffani has no problem showing Calvin everything– including her sexy dance moves in the backseat. Mylf Labs introduces a brand new experiment with “Concept: Bimbo Babes”. Rachael Cavalli portrays a super sexy scientist who is trying to find a cure for a deadly virus. With the help of her assistant (Chad Alva), the two are able to make a breakthrough discovery for the cure! To celebrate, Chad immediately starts banging Rachael! Angelica Coralvine is desperate to have a baby of her own in a new GotMylf episode, “Summer Baby”. Angelica and her husband have been trying to have a baby but haven’t had any luck. So Angelica, in desperation, begs her stepson (Elias Cash) to impregnate her during the summer solstice– the most fertile time of year. Father’s Day is finally here on a new FreeUse Milf scene, “The Whole Day Planned”. Mandy Rhea and her daughter (Serena Hill) plan out a full day of fun for Mandy’s husband (GI Joey). Of course, the key to making this day even more exciting for Joey is by letting him freeuse both their sexy bodies while doing these activities together! Katie Morgan’s husband’s birthday is coming up and she wants to surprise him with anal sex in a new PervMomscene, “Analversary Surprise”. Katie has been preparing for days now by watching anal porn videos and using a butt plug on herself. But, her stepson (Austin Pierce) catches her in the act and is quick to offer his help. Katie agrees to let Austin be the one to use her backdoor area if it means better practice for her! You can visit and follow them on Twitter @GotMylf to keep up with their latest releases.

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